Thetis International is a social enterprise of the Société Économique de l’Ontario. It provides an innovative and free technological platform for matching French-speaking and bilingual candidates with potential employers. The program is unique in that it can adapt to the changing needs of the Ontario labour market, providing exact matches for French-speaking and bilingual candidates from Canada and abroad.

To date, the network has 100,000 job seekers, 11,000 employers, over 30 universities and colleges, and over 190 community partners.



Thetis International makes finding the right opportunities easier!

Thetis International is a collaborative network that accurately connects you to the right opportunities based on skills and qualifications.

  •  Connect with our network of 10,000+ employers
  • Maintain privacy until you decide to connect with an employer
  • Receive daily updates with job opportunities

What’s in it for job and opportunity seekers?

Thetis International enables individuals to connect to meaningful employment opportunities that match their qualifications and interests, in a highly effective and efficient way.  There are no fees for a job seeker to post their resume and build a profile.


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